The Gallery

After more than two decades of rigorous work and research, we have become a referral for collecting Old Master drawings and paintings in the Spanish art’s market. We have specialized on the work of Spanish masters and Spanish Colonial art of the 16th century up to the 19th century, focusing on the artists of the Baroque period and on those of the so-called The Age of Enlightenment. The range of artists presented each year in our exhibitions is very extensive, always in the field of Spanish art and Spanish colonial art, either Old Master or 19th century.


Notable sales

The gallery has sold paintings and drawings to many of the great museums of the world –Spanish, European and American– including: Museo Nacional del Prado, Biblioteca Nacional, Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas or Museo de Bellas Artes San Pío de Valencia, in Spain. European institutions such as Musée du Louvre (Paris), The British Museum (London), The Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) or Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Lisbon). American museums have also acquired selected works, such as The Meadows Museum (Dallas), The Hispanic Society of America (New York), The Morgan Library and Museum (New York), J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit) or Museo de Arte de Ponce (Puerto Rico).


Thinking of selling?

If you own a work of Spanish or colonial art and are considering selling it within Spain or abroad, the gallery can help you with this process. Learn how to do it here. We have long-established contacts with the leading collectors, museums and foundations that acquire works of this type, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorative art objects, etc.

We manage every stage and aspect of the sale process, from the correct cataloguing of the work to its valuation. We guarantee to find the most appropriate collector or public institution, either in Spain or abroad.


Our publications

Throughout the years the gallery has issued diverse publications with reference to consultation from important Spanish and international art historians with scientific research on different painters and their artistic production. Likewise, exhibitions have been held which have brought significant academic studies on painting in Spain, primarily of the 17th and 18th centuries. Check them out here.


Our fields of expertise

Often, art historians have been repeating that in Spain there was no tradition to elaborate a drawing in the process of creating a painting. Incomprehensibly, most of international museums still keep on cataloguing Spanish drawings as Italian. However, in the last few years, there has been a continuous progress in the study of Spanish drawings and in the classification of the drawings of each artist. We are proud to have contributed to this progress.

The Spanish Colonial Art, and the exchange of images and ideas across the Atlantic, is also one the main focuses of our gallery. The New World’s Old Master Paintings were used by the Catholic church as pedagogical tools and instruments of devotion. The Portuguese and Spanish monarchies began converting the indigenous peoples to Christianity, but the native artistic traditions of the diverse cultures and geographic areas of the New World transformed artistic source material imported from Europe into distinctive and original artworks as the enconchados or emplumados