Ramón Tusquets

(Barcelona, 1837-Rome, 1904)

Tusquets was born in Barcelona in 1837. At the age of twenty-six he goes to Rome on his own means, to continue his training. There he attends the Academy Chigi and elaborates genre painting primarily from local customs and traditions, landscape of the Roman and Neapolitan countryside, as well as Orientalist style. In Rome Tusquets participates in the National Fine Arts Exhibitions, and is awarded with several medals. His works reflect his interest on the representation of nature and men. Over time, however, his paintings will largely convey major genre themes and the history of Catalonia. He will also send works to diverse exhibitions in Italy, France or Central Europe and in this way accomplishing fame not only in Europe, but also in United States. From the 80´s onwards, he presents his canvases in the Catalonian Sala Parés, which made him worthy of numerous commissions by the City Council of Barcelona. During these years he works on his canvas paintings while producing his watercolours, characterized by their Mediterranean light and the frequent use of Orientalist themes. Tusquets resides in Rome up to his death in 1904, always keeping in mind Spanish art movements.

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