Fecit V

The great rediscovery of this catalogue is a drawing by one of the most famous Spanish masters, José de Ribera known in Naples as Jusepe de Ribera, “lo Spagnoletto”. It was first published in 1973 by the American hispanist and art historian, Jonathan Brown, and included in 1992 in the Metropolitan Museum exhibition. Through our gallery it has been recently acquired by the Prado Museum.

Study for a Sibyl or a Muse


The Eucharistic Christ

Foliate Decoration with a Bird

Decoration of Scrolls with a small Angel and a Bird

Decoration of Scrolls, Putti and a Bird

Decoration of Scrolls and Putti

Gentleman with small Figures climbing up his Body

The Conversion of Clovis, King of the Franks

Head, Hands and Feet of an old Man

Study of Female Heads, Hands and Legs

Male Figure in Profile supporting a Piece of Wood (recto) / Two Studies for the Figure of the Executioner (verso)

Study of two Hands (recto) / Study of one Hand (verso)

Study of the Head, Torso, Hands and Legs of a Boy

Angel holding a Medallion

Decorative Frieze

High Altar dedicated to Saint Peter of Alcántara



Book (recto) / Study of a Step covered with a Cloth (verso)

A Dog

Elevation for one of the end walls of a gallery for the suburban palace of Vista Alegre, Madrid

The Pianist Brailowsky in performance

Female Nude