Christ washing his Disciples' Feet

A Bishop Saint

Bearded Head in half-profile

Head of an old bearded Man

The Death of Mary Magdalen

Figure of a male or female Saint

Allegorical Figure of Hope

The Apparition of the Virgin and Child to Saint Francis and the Vision of the Cross

The Apparition of Christ to Saint Vincent Ferrer

The Apparition of Christ to Saint Ignatius on the Road to Rome

Decorative Motif

Portrait of Don Pedro de Carranza Olarte y Gaztelu

The Immaculate Conception, Saint Ferdinand and a seated Angel

Spes Altera. Commemorative medal for the birth of the Princess Maria, future Maria I of Portugal

Orpheus in the Underworld

The Archangel Gabriel intervening before the Virgin of Good Council for a Knight of the Order of Calatrava

Apollo killing the Pythian Serpent


Lot made drunk by his Daughters

Cartouches for the Map of the Archbishopric of Valencia

View of the Royal Palace and the Plaza Mayor in Mexico City

Initial sketch for the principal altar of the Colegiata de San Isidro

Maria Luisa of Parma, Princess of Asturias

Flos Carmeli. The Apparition of the Carmelite Virgin to Saint Simon Stock

Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci

Portrait of Leon Battista Alberti

Studies for Mary Magdalen and Head of an Arab

Portrait of Christopher Columbus

Study for the Figure of Godoy for the engraved frontispiece of the “Real Picadero”

Manuel Godoy mounted on a Horse at walking gait

Saint Lawrence in glory

The French Imperial Princess, wife of Joseph I Bonaparte, Marie Julie Clary, and her two daughters Zenaida and Carlota Bonaparte, with two ladies-in-waiting

A Mother holding her Child in her Arms

Portrait of Francisco Tomás de Longa y Anchía